About Aspect Technical Recruitment

Our role is to source talented individuals with sought-after technical skills and experience for permanent job opportunities within New Zealand’s FMCG and high-speed manufacturing/continuous process industries. We are Technical Recruitment Specialists, and we pride ourselves in understanding the needs of a company and placing the right people in the job. 

Did you always wonder about how things were made when you were a kid? Did you take everything apart to see how it worked, beg your parents for a chemistry set, or try to get your little brother to eat mentos and drink cola to see if they would explode? Do you have a garage full of projects / exotic home brew flavors, or secret inventions? If so, you’re probably our kind of person.

Andrew - Aspect Technical Recruitment

Andrew Waugh


Andrew comes from a sales & account management background within the freight industry, and in 2013 decided to make the transition into recruitment with Aspect. As our resident problem solver, Andrew’s knack for analysis means that he is a pro at evaluating candidates and finding the perfect fit for our clients. Andrew balances the management of the Aspect Auckland Office with hands-on recruitment, and drinks a lot of coffee in the process. He enjoys spending time in the gym and taking his young kids on adventures.

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