Recruitment agencies aren’t only for companies that are hiring – they are a great resource if you’re in the market for a new role. Registering with a recruitment company can give you some key advantages, and here’s why:

  1. Market Knowledge
    Recruitment agencies regularly contact their existing networks when sourcing appropriate candidates for a particular role, sometimes even identifying a great shortlist prior to advertising. Some vacancies aren’t advertised at all, for various reasons. The advantage of being registered with a reputable agency is having access to these opportunities that you might not otherwise see, putting you one step ahead of the rest of the market.
  2. Avoid the awkward
    NZ is a small place, and sometimes it can be awkward to look for a job when your boss is hovering. Have you taken suspiciously long lunches recently, or called in sick so that you can attend an interview? Recruitment professionals understand this reality, and our job is to make the process as seamless and comfortable as possible for everyone. As such, we often work outside of standard business hours to accommodate, and we are mindful of discretion and confidentiality at all times.
  3. Tips &Tricks 
    Would you benefit from a bit of constructive feedback or increased market knowledge? Of course! A recruitment professional should help guide you through the process of changing roles, providing you with useful market information, feedback on your CV, and guidance around your interview style. Whether you’ve been in the same workplace for years, or are just re-entering the workforce, the support of a recruitment agency should help you to put your best foot forward.
  4. Market Guidance
    Specialist recruitment agencies know their industry inside and out. This means that they can provide you with sound advice when it comes to salary expectations and development paths/opportunities. It is also our role to advocate for you during pre-employment negotiations, ensuring that everyone’s expectations are well-managed throughout the process.
  5. Ongoing support
    Changing jobs can be a stressful experience, even when everything goes smoothly. A recruitment professional should support you with that transition by regularly checking in with both you and your new employer during those crucial first few weeks. This is also a perfect opportunity to discuss any concerns and to provide feedback on your experience.At Aspect Technical Recruitment, our role is to source talented individuals with sought-after technical skills and experience for permanent job opportunities within New Zealand’s FMCG and high-speed manufacturing/continuous process industries. If this sounds like you, feel free to contact us.For more information, visit our website or call us.
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