At Aspect Technical Recruitment, we ensure that we know your business, so that we can find the best candidate for the job. Focusing on ‘Technical Recruitment’ means that we can be focused on understanding the industry – including employment law changes, regulations, and requirements. By having a ‘finger on the pulse’, we can ensure that the people that we put forward as candidates are the right people for the position.


“At Aspect, we understand that in order to truly be a specialist, we must remain focused on our niche. We are intentionally limited with the clients, candidates and industries we work with, and that clarity allows us to deliver exceptional service” – David West


The recruitment process with Aspect Technical Recruitment is somewhat collaborative – we believe in the importance of good relationships, communication and a personal touch, and will communicate with you through the recruitment and employment process to ensure that all is going smoothly. This process runs as follows:


  1. Site visit – To know who would be the best candidate for the role, we need to know your business. By conducting a site visit, we are able to gain a greater understanding of the company and the culture. Aspect Technical Recruitment understands the importance of working as a team, and of finding a person that is going to be a good fit as well as a good worker.


  1. Advertisement and Networks – We advertise the role through a number of avenues, including our website, social media, and direct contact with our networks.


  1. Screening – After screening CV’s, we phone-screen applicants to ensure that they have the relevant experience and qualifications required. This allows us to form a short list for our pre-interview process


  1. Pre-interview – An Aspect Technical Recruitment recruiter pre-interviews the candidates. This gives us the opportunity to get to know the candidates better, and to judge their suitability for the role.


  1. Candidate selection – once we have selected appropriate candidates, we send through their CV’s for your consideration. From there, you can decide whether or not you wish to interview them, and we can help to arrange this process.


  1. Employment and beyond – Once you have found your successful applicant, we will liaise with them directly to notify them of their success. Once the employee starts, our candidate care representative checks in with them to see how they are finding the role. Additionally, our business development representative will call you to check how you have found the process and the result. If there are any issues, this is an opportunity to work with us to resolve these.


When working with Aspect Technical Recruitment, there is no obligation to accept any candidates from us and the fee is not charged until successful placement is made. Additionally, our Aspect Guarantee offers a replacement guarantee of 12 weeks if the candidate is not suitable or leaves within this time.


Work with a recruitment company that is focused on people and customer service. To start your recruitment process, contact Aspect Technical Recruitment today.