With growing competition from Internet-based job boards, many workplaces take a ‘DIY’ approach to hiring new staff. Whilst modern technology is a fantastic tool for this approach, using a recruitment agency is still your best bet when it comes to hiring the best person for the position. Here’s why:

1.Targeted Talent
Recruitment agencies constantly have their finger on the pulse of their specialist market. They know their industry, the skills required within it, and they have access to a pool of people who may not be actively looking on job boards. This extended reach means that you have access to targeted candidates, rather than just a bunch of applicants.

2.Agency Insights
Recruitment agencies spend years investing into the infrastructure of finding people. Once established, it’s reasonably straightforward to quickly create a list of relevant individuals within a specific market and begin the process. Delegate your shortlisting to the experts, utilising an agency’s investments and insights.

3. Wisely or Wasted
It’s an issue of time. When you have a vacancy in your business, the chances are high that you’re already under-resourced. Advertising for a position, filtering through and responding to all applicants, phone screening, interviewing, and verifying & checking references can become a full-time job. Consider how much more precious time you will have when you empower a Recruitment Specialist to manage these tasks for you.

4. 2 Degrees of Awkward
New Zealand is a wonderfully tight-knit community. Whilst our ‘2 degrees of separation’ can be a great asset for relationships and team morale, it can quickly become awkward when hiring from a competitor. Having a third-party involved can help maintain professional boundaries and ensure that best practice is always applied.

5. Reach your Niche
A specialist Recruitment agency really knows the challenges, regulations, backstories, and players within a particular industry of focus – constantly keeping up to date with new standards and changes.
At Aspect Technical Recruitment, our focus is on providing permanent staff for the high-speed manufacturing and food production industries. We know how to reach our niche, and that’s why we’re so good at delivering to it.

At Aspect Technical Recruitment, our role is to source talented individuals with sought-after technical skills and experience for permanent job opportunities within New Zealand’s FMCG and high-speed manufacturing/continuous process industries. If you are interested in finding a new employee for your company, feel free to contact us.

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