We live in a world of technology – everyone is connected via a phone, the internet and a computer, and advertising a job online has become even easier. Consequently, many people often ask ‘why should I use a recruitment company?’ – we’re here to answer that question!

Time Efficiency

Your time is valuable so let us help you invest your time into other responsibilities while we look after the time-consuming part of the process. How many job descriptions do you write per week? How often do you utilise job-seeking software? How much time is consumed filtering through CVS and running the initial screening process and first interviews? These processes can take a lot of time. Such lengthy processes, however, are all a part of the journey when looking for the right candidates – and we’ve got this process down to a fine art. Utilising a recruitment company will save you precious time, and allow you to focus on doing what you do best.

Money invested productively

Screening, interviewing and hiring can be a long and lengthy process – which means you could be spending valuable time doing this instead of focusing on tasks that generate daily productivity and money contributed by your responsibilities. Additionally, hiring the wrong person for the role could cost your company in the long run. Save money by leaving this time-consuming process to the experts. We have the confidence in our ability to find the ideal candidate for the role. We also offer a replacement guarantee of 12 weeks if the candidate is not suitable or leaves within this time.

Industry Experts

Being in the industry for 15 years has given us the ability to assess personality and culture fit with potential candidates. We provide a thorough screening process for candidate quality assurance. Our job is to collaborate and share the common goal of finding you the ideal person for the role. Our network avenues built over the years have given us a broad spectrum and access to a skilled candidate pool exclusive to us, in addition to utilising a range of different advertising platforms and websites.

At Aspect Technical Recruitment, our role is to source talented individuals with sought-after technical skills and experience for permanent job opportunities within New Zealand’s FMCG and high-speed manufacturing/continuous process industries. If you are interested in finding a new employee within the Technical Field and/or Leadership roles for your company, feel free to contact us.

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