We live in a technology-filled world. Whether by posting, tweeting, gramming or snapping, our lives have become increasingly public in the online realm. And whilst you might think that sharing that trashy photo from last weekend is hilarious, your potential employer may not…

Here are the top 5 tips we recommend for navigating social media whilst looking for (and keeping) your new job:

  1. Check your privacy settings
    Many people use Facebook as a tool for keeping in touch with friends and family – but that doesn’t mean that the world has to see the photos posted from Aunty Cathy’s wedding. If you want to keep your personal life private, make sure you change your settings to only share with ‘family and friends.’
  2. Mind your tweets
    The President of the USA may get away with running his mouth on twitter – but you most certainly won’t. Your posts and tweets in the digital world are a representation of you, so if you’re a keyboard warrior then you might consider toning it down.
  3. Language and tags
    Do you have an awkward high school friend that likes to tag you in inappropriate images online? Heads up, your potential employers may see this content. A good option is to set your tags to ‘review’ mode, meaning that you have to verify that they are ‘safe for public consumption’ before they appear on your social media.
  4. Articles and sharing
    Sharing articles online can be a fantastic way to spark discussion and reach new networks – just make sure you are reaching networks with which you want to be associated.
    HOT TIP: Follow companies that you may wish to work for on Facebook and LinkedIn. This tip is a great way to learn more about each company and understand their culture. You can also refer back to articles or events that they have posted, which shows that you have an interest in the company.
  5. A public display
    An easy rule to follow is: If you wouldn’t say it to a stranger in the street, don’t say it online. We now live in a world where Googling someone is a common practice. Try it on yourself and see what comes up. Whether you’re already in a job or looking for a new opportunity, we recommend that you evaluate your own digital footprint and adjust it accordingly.